Create a winning culture with the “Peloton” of business

Grow revenue Retain employees Build a growth culture

-- End to end contest management and gamification

-- Real-time digital leaderboards on mobile, desktop and TV’s

-- Visibility into goals, pacing, and projected finish

-- Deep analytics into employee and contest performance

-- Curated and shipped incentives

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This video explains what Carrots Technology is and why your company needs it.

Employee engagement is now

more important than ever.

According to Gallup, employees who are more engaged in the workplace produce better

business outcomes regardless of industry or the economy. This includes:

No training needed and easy to use platform

We made our platform easier to use than Facebook so everyone on your team can participate

Realtime Leaderboards

Real-time leaderboards with all your contest metrics on mobile, desktop or in your office anywhere you have a TV.


Never miss an opportunity to recognize success or an opportunity to push via our message boards, notifications, and end of day emails.


Gain deeper insights into pacing and expected finish. Also, month over month group and individual trends and much more.


Give your employees incentives they typically would not give themselves. We have strategic partnerships with all the major brands people love and you will never pay retail price. We also purchase and ship all incentives on your behalf.

Online Reviews

We ingest all the major review sites that your brand is being reviewed on like, BBB, Google, Yelp and many more. We then create an aggregated brand health score that gives you a real look into your brands overall health and insights on where to improve. Our platform then allows you to run contests on getting more reviews and increasing your brand health score.

We have the best branded merch in the business.

If you can dream it we can get it, Below is a small sample of the types of merchandise we carry.

How it works

Onboarding to launch in just a few days

Step 1

Contest Creation

We work with you to create contests that move the needle, which consists of helping you define your goals and presenting you with incentives that will motivate your team to win.

Step 2

Data Activation

We seamlessly and securely connect your data. We have either already integrated with your CRM/ERP or will. We also can use Google Sheets, SFTP and any API.

Step 3

Increased Revenue and

Happy Employees

We launch the contests, and you immediately start seeing increased performance and happier people.

Seamless Integrations

We have either already integrated with your CRM or will.

We also can use Google Sheets, SFTP and any API.

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