How much does it cost?

Our pricing model is designed to ensure that organizations of any size can leverage Carrots Technology in a scalable, cost-effective way.

It’s our business to grow yours.

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    How does Carrots Technology come up with cost?

    Our pricing is based on the following criteria:

    • Number of programs
    • Number of participants
    • Types of incentives

    Our pricing is built to be all upside for your company. We build our programs to drive incrementality, so our costs should be a non-issue.

    Is Carrots Technology worth the price?

    The thousands of people that use it daily think so. We built Carrots Technology to always be viewed as a major asset to your company. Carrots Technology consistently generates incremental revenue and keeps your team engaged and appreciated.

    What is involved in setting up Carrots Technology?

    We make it super easy. It all happens in 3 simple steps and usually from start to launch in just a few days. Click here to review our process.

    Will my data be secure?

    Click here to view our data compliance and security.

    How does Carrots Technology handle support?

    When you sign up with Carrots Technology, you will receive a dedicated account manager that is available for your organization via phone calls and email communication.

    Our office hours are Monday – Friday 9-5 pm CST and we are available via call or text at (817) 859-6995 and email at

    For non-office hours, we are available at