Next level gamification and incentives

We have built the only artificial intelligence driven gamification and curated incentives platform that creates competitiveness, engagement, increased performance, incremental revenue and ultimately happier team members.

Our platform gamifies the metrics in your business that matter and gives visibility and insights to the teams and managers responsible for driving growth in your organization.

We understand the power of recognition and incentivizing team members for growth, that is why we have created best in class incentive packages that match the DNA of your organization on what will motivate and inspire them to want and do more.

Our AI gives meaningful predictions to managers on when to take action on potential challenges and or opportunities before they happen.

We are not a typical software company, we are a true partner that works daily with you to deliver revenue, retain team members and build culture through incentives, motivation and visibility.

Simply put, it’s our business to grow yours.

Our gamification platform

Carrots Technology works seamlessly where you work. Whether you are on a desktop, laptop, mobile device or broadcasting to a tv in your office we will create the visibility, competitiveness and motivation to deliver results.

Easy to use

Our software is simple to use and adapts to your organization vs. you trying to adapt to our software.

We have created gamified dashboards to ensure adoption and better tracking.

Our platform fosters competitiveness, motivation and inspiration through contests that have meaningful rewards and experiences tied to results.

Next level gamification

We seamlessly keep your team motivated and engaged daily. Carrots Technology is like having a personal trainer reminding you of your best month, progress, where you should be to win and where your peers are.

We have also created user achievement badges that can be won for a various number of milestones completed and/or Programs won.

The badges are proudly displayed on the user’s profile.

Meaningful analytics and insights

Our platform allows you as the manager or business owner to easily see real-time data on sales metrics that matter, such as top performers, prizes that generate the most revenue, best performing months, contests and much more all with a couple clicks.

Live TV leader boards

Replace your whiteboards with Live TV leader boards. Fuel competition, motivation and accountability in your office by visibly broadcasting the performance metrics and rankings that matter to your organization. Carrots AI makes it easy to ditch your whiteboards and bring real-time digital data into your office.

Artificial intelligence driven

At the core of our platform is our AI engine. We understand that data is useless if it does not become actionable and yield insights. Our AI engine provides insights into things like potential employee flight risk, indicators of someone who could be a super star, opportunities to generate more revenue and much more.

Full service incentives

Our curated monthly incentive packages will ensure your team is inspired and focused. We survey and collaborate with our clients  to make sure our Carrots boxes exceed expectations every month. We focus on coming up with incentives, contests, sourcing and delivery from start to finish; So you can focus on your business

Curated and unique

We select unique incentive packages that your teams will want and often couldn’t have access to or wouldn’t buy for themselves, by leveraging our strong relationships and wholesale licenses with brands that people love such as: Nike, Yeti, North Face, Apple and many more.

We take the headache out of incentives, whether it’s swimming with sharks, a pile of cash, unique shoes, custom merchandise or a watch, we promise they will not disappoint.

We also offer white glove service from sourcing, purchasing and delivering the incentives on your behalf.