Incremental revenue and retention


82% of employees say that gamification makes them
happier at work; we deliver world class gamification.


Full visibility into their metrics and their peers metrics
wherever they work in office or remote.


How we help set goals and curate incentives fuels
the competitiveness in everyone.


We facilitate healthy peer to peer communication along with
ongoing messaging to encourage and celebrate everyone.


We create the ability to win multiple recognition badges
that are displayed in your trophy case for your peers to see.


Get the opportunity to win unique incentives that you may
not be able to find or would purchase for yourself.


Gamified data and advanced reporting across programs,
people and much more with one click.


Done for you goal setting, gamification, insights and white glove incentive packages. We do it all from start to finish.


Our programs are proven to keep people motivated,
engaged and happier.


We provide visibility, encouragement, recognition and facilitate
rewards for growth which are core to having a create culture.


Our AI engine provides predictions and actionable data that
allows for better management and revenue generation.


We deliver competitiveness, engagement, increased performance, incremental revenue and ultimately happier team members.

Why work with us?

“Carrots Technology is instrumental in our overall retention and revenue. The way they have gamified our metrics is amazing. My team is focused daily on competing and winning.”

Brad Bus

“The Carrots Technology team blew away our expectations. Their process of understanding what would motivate my sales force was spot on. My team uses Carrots AI daily and I have seen a change in competitiveness. Our sales went up the first month and continue to increase.”

John O’Donnell

“The setup was easy and fast. My team gets so excited when they receive their Carrots Technology box and can’t wait to see what the next box will have. The thing I get excited about is the overall effort increase in my team and increase in overall performance.”

Alex Noffsinger